Past Performances

March 2013 – Troubled Bachelors  by A J Stanley

Director: Sean Walsh


Peter Carmody ……………….. John McIntyre

Jack Whelan ……………….. … Dennis Ross

Tom Kirby ………………… … .. Pat McCarrick

Mary Swan ………………… … .Geraldine Lundy

Daisy Walsh ………………… ..Brid Calvey

Molly Dwyer ……………….. . ..Anne Marie O Neill

Joseph P Scanlon …………… Michael Rochford

Cornelius Flavin ……………….Ray Walsh

Miss Ryan ……………….. . … .Karen McKim

Bartholomew Flanagan ………Peadar Conway

Young Casey ………………… .David McIntyre

Production Crew

Manager ……………….. Sean Calvey

Continuity …………….. Sinead Davitt

Lighting  ……………………Sean Johnston  Benny Henry

Sound ………………………Owen Ross

Stage Props ……………..Eileen Kirrane  Agnes Durcan

Brief Synopsis of the Play
The play is set in rural Ireland in the 1940’s and is based on three bachelors who are threatened with the loss of their Council cottages to larger families unless they themselves get married within three months.

The audience are assured tears of laughter as the ‘troubled batchelors’ try to grasp the seriousness of a letter from the local Urban Council and then consider the pro’s and con’s of married life.


November 2012:  BIRTHRIGHT by T. C, Murray                      

Director / Producer:  Peadar Conway  



Bat Morrissey:  Martin McIntyre


Maura:  Mary Kathleen Johnston


Hugh: Art McCarrick


Shane:  Enda McCarrick


Dan Hegarty:  Dennis Ross


Assist Producer: Tom Towey

Stage Design: Pat McCarrick


Stage Manager: Sean Calvey


Stage Crew: Agnes Durkin  Oonagh Conway  Sharon Johnston David McIntyre


Continuity:  Sinead Davitt


Lighting:  Sean Johnston  Benny Henry


Sound: Jack McIntyre  Adrian McIntyre  Owen Ross

 Synopsis:  ‘Birthright’ written by T.C. Murray is the story of brothers Hugh and Shane Morrissey. Hugh, the elder, is the heir to his father, Bat’s, farm. Shane will be forced to emigrate. Their mother, Maura, supports Hugh’s legal right to the inheritance. Bat begins to doubt Hugh’s ability to run the farm. He forces Hugh to emigrate in place of Shane. With unforeseen results?

 March 2012 – The Maiden Aunt by Jimmy Keary

Director  Sean Walsh


Gertie O’Grady (a retired teacher ) Geraldine Lundy

Mary Murphy (a hard-working farmer’s wife) Mary Kathleen Johnston

Dan Murphy (Mary’s husband) John McIntyre

John Paul Murphy (Dan and Mary’s son) Enda McCarrick

Jarlath McKenna. (a friend of John Paul’s) Pakie McIntyre

Francie Gilhooley (farm worker with an eye for the women) Dennis Ross

Caroline Quinn (a posh neighbour of the Murphy’s) Sharon Johnston

Paula Moore (a young solicitor, who knows her business) Karen McKim


Stage Manager Sean Calvey

Lighting Sean Johnston Benny Henry

Sound Neil Walsh

Props Agnes Durkin Niall Brennan

Continuity Sinead Davitt

Make Up Veronica Corscadden

Brief Synopsis of the Play

Gertie O’Grady, a retired teacher and spinster, comes to stay with her niece, Mary Murphy, after a spell in hospital. Mary tries to persuade her aunt to make a will, but is unsuccessful. When Gertie apparently ‘dies’, Mary’s husband, Dan comes up with an elaborate plan to get their hands on the maiden aunt’s money.

 November 2011 – GEORGE by Derek Hickman

Director  Peadar Conway


Mr Smith: Dennis Ross

A Nurse: Margaret McIntyre

A Sister: Mary Kathleen Johnston

Miss Ward: Geraldine Lundy

Dr Patel: Olive Bailey

Dr Radlett: John McIntyre

Lizzie: Fiona Brennan

Mr Brennan: Ray Walsh

Jack: Austin McTiernan


Stage Manager: Agnes Durcan

Directors Assistant: Sinead Davitt

Stage Crew: Sharon Johnston, Oonagh Conway, Edel Haran, Sean Calvey

Lighting: Niall McCarrick , Benny Henry

Sound: Jack McIntyre

Brief Synopsis of play

“George”, written by Derek Hickman features the comic ramblings of Mr. Smith, a patient in a hospital ward. His conversations with a fellow patient, George is entertaining and humorous. The fact that George doesn’t actually exist does nothing to deter the irrepressible Smith. When a plan is hatched to kill George they enlist the help of fellow hospital workers with most entertaining results.

March 2011 – Philadelphia Here I Come by Brian Friel

Director: Peadar Conway


Gar Public Martin McIntyre

Gar Private Dennis Ross

Madge Mary Kathleen Johnston

S.B. O Donnell John Mc Intyre

Kate Doogan Marie McIntyre

Senator Doogan Austin McTiernan

Master Boyle Sean Walsh

Joe Art McCarrick

Ned Stephen Connolly

Tom Enda McCarrick

Canon Mick O’Byrne Padraic Neary

Lizzy Sweeney Geraldine Lundy

Con Sweeney Ray Walsh

Ben Burton Michael Rochford


Directors Assistant Tom Towey

Stage Manager Fiona Brennan

Set Design/Décor Pat McCarrick

Set Builders Sean Calvey Joe Corscadden Michael Calvey Niall McCarrick

Lighting Design Sean Johnston

Lighting Benny Henry Gerry Gallagher

Sound Adrian McIntyre Jack McIntyre Neil Walsh

Props Eileen Kirrane

Set Dressers Agnes Durkin Mary Goldrick Attracta McIntyre Evelyn Towey Philomena Marren Oonagh Conway

Continuity Sinead Davitt

Costumes Anne Marie Hegarty Rita Normanly

Make-up Veronica Corscadden Anne McIntyre

Brief Synopsis of the Play

The play begins the evening before Gar O’Donnell is to leave home for Philadelphia, America. Gar is portrayed by two characters: Gar Public (“the Gar that people see, talk to, talk about”) and Gar Private (“the unseen man, the man within, the conscience”).

Fed up with the dreary round of life in Ballybeg, with his uncommunicative father, his humiliating job at his father’s grocery shop where their relationship is no different from that of Boss and Employee, with his frustrated love for Kate Doogan who married a richer, more successful young man and with the total absence of prospect and opportunity in his life at home, Gareth O’Donnell has accepted his aunt’s invitation to come to Philadelphia.

He has just finished his last day of work in his father’s shop. He jokes with Madge, the housekeeper, as she prepares his tea, and then he begins to fantasize about life in the Philadelphia, but despite the fantasies Gar entertains of life in America, all it takes to stop him leaving would be one word of affection from his father or Kate, or a word of genuine understanding from his friends.

The entire play takes place on the evening before his departure with flashbacks to major events in his life.


November 2010 – Last Tango In Cloonacool by David Tristram

Director – Pat Mc Carrick 


Gordon:  Dennis Ross

Margaret:  Margaret McIntyre

Joyce:  Geraldine Lundy

Bernard:  Ray Walsh


Lighting  Art McCarrick

Sound  Adrian McIntyre

Assistant Director   Sinead Davitt                  

Brief Synopsis of Play

The local Amateur Dramatic Society is in trouble.  The membership has dwindled to four – the audience aren’t much bigger – and it they don’t come up with some rent money soon, they’re going to be thrown out!

There’s only one thing that sells tickets these days”, argues Gordon the Chairperson. “Sex!”

Thus begins the chaotic and hilarious build-up to an evening of extraordinary homegrown drama – an evening the locals would never forget!  

March 2010 – A Wake in the West by Michael Joe Ginnelly

 Director: Sean Walsh


Tom Healy Peadar Conway

Mary Healy Fiona Brennan

Doctor John Ray Walsh

Joan Aoife McTiernan

Margaret Geraldine Lundy

Rose Mary Kathleen Johnston

Fr Cassidy Michael Rochford

Martin Healy Billy Henry

Barney Denis Ross


Stage Manager: Sean Calvey

Lighting: Benny Henry, Sean Johnston, Gerry Gallagher

Sound: Neil Walsh, Adrian McIntyre

Set: Michael Calvey, Kieran McIntyre, Tom Maxwell

Crew: Joe Brennan, Joe Corscadden

Props Manager: Eileen Kirrane

Props: Evelyn Towey, Attracta McIntyre Marcella Byrne, Agnes Durkin, Oonagh Conway

Continuity: Sinead Davitt

Make-up: Veronica Corscadden, Ann McIntyre

Catering Staff: Breege Burke, Philomena Marren

Stewards: Páud O Donnell, Joe Burke

Promotion: Tom Towey

M.C’s: Sonia Booth, Pat Mc Carrick ,John McIntyre

Booking/Ticket Sales: Anne Brennan, Mary Goldrick

 Brief Synopsis of the Play

 This hilarious comedy tells the story of a wake, which takes place in a country house on the outskirts of a small town in the West of Ireland.

 But this wake is like no others with everyone getting in on the comedy.

 Tom Healy who has drank himself to the grave and now wishes his final resting place to be a watery one by requesting cremation and the scattering of his ashes at sea, the comedy begins when a neighbour decides that Tom is not entitled to take it all with him.

November 2009 – The Land of Heart’s Desire by W B Yeats

Director:  Pat McCarrick


Maurteen Bruin John McIntyre

Bridget Bruin  Mary Kathleen Johnston

Mary  Olive Giblin

Shawn  Billy Henry

Fr Hart  Dennis Ross

The Child  Eadaoin McCarrick

Little People  Oonagh Conway


Set Design  Pat McCarrick

Lighting  Sean Johnston

Sound Effects/Recording  Jeff Kay

Sound  Noel Burke  Art McCarrick

Music  Cliodhna Henry

Set Construction  Pat Hayes

Stage Crew  Evelyn Towey Philomena Marren Mary Golderick

Continuity  Sinead Davitt

Brief Synopsis of Play

ACCORDING to ancient legend the fairies on Midsummer Eve possess a strange, unusual power over mortals. On this night they sometimes even steal away the fairest of the mortals to become their brides.

It is with her head full of such fancies that Mary comes to the peasant home of Shawn Bruin as his bride. She can see no harm in the tales of the fairy folk. Indeed, she is far more interested in reading a book of legends she has found than in performing the housewifely tasks suitable to her new state.

Shawn’s parents, Bridget and Maurteen, appeal to Father Hart, who has come on Midsummer Eve to sup with them, to dissuade Mary from her book

March 2009 – SIVE by J B Keane

Director:  Tom Towey


Nanna Glavin Geraldine Lundy

Mena Glavin Mary Kathleen Johnston

Sive Moira Henry

Thomasheen Sean Rua John Mc Intyre

Mike Glavin Ray Walsh

Liam Scuab Billy Henry

Sean Dota Sean Walsh

Pats Bocock Peadar Conway

Carthalawn Denis Ross


Stage Manager: Sean Calvey

Lighting: Benny Henry, Sean Johnston, Gerry Gallagher

Sound: Neil Walsh, Adrian McIntyre

Set: Michael Calvey, Kieran McIntyre, Tom Maxwell

Set Design: Sean Johnston

Set Décor: James Murray, Sean Johnston

Continuity: Sinead Davitt

Props Manager: Eileen Kirrane

Props: Evelyn Towey, Attracta McIntyre, Oonagh Conway

Make-up: Veronica Corscadden, Ann McIntyre

Catering Staff: Breege Burke, Philomena Marren

Stewards: Páud O Donnell, Joe Burke

M.C’s: Pat Mc Carrick ,Joe Corscadden Rita Normanly, Martin McIntyre

Brief Synopsis of the Play

Sive, a young and beautiful orphan who lives with her uncle Mike and his bitter and childless wife Mena, becomes the object of a match with an ageing but rich farmer, Seán Dota. Facilitating the proposed marriage is local matchmaker, the shifty, Thomasheen Seán Rua. Initially dismissing the notion, Mike is soon persuaded to take part, prompted by Mena. Sive, along with her grandmother, is brow-beaten along the perverse path, with predictably tragic results.

‘Sive’ is a play about contrasts: young and old, wealth and poverty and most crucial of all, good and evil.

Nobember 2008 – The Shadow in the Glen by J M Synge

Director:  Sean Walsh


Tramp  Jimmy Gildea

Nora  Mary Mannion

Michael  Pat McCarrick

Dan  Sean Walsh


Lighting  Sean Johnston Gerry Gallagher

Sound  Neil Walsh

Props   Tom Towey, Mary Kathleen Johnston Cian Mannion

Make Up  Veronica Corscadden Anne McIntyre

Brief Synopsis of the Play

A tramp seeking shelter in the isolated Burke farmhouse finds Nora tending to the corpse of Dan. Nora goes out to find Michael, and Dan reveals to the tramp that his death is a mere ruse. He plays dead again when Nora and Michael return, but leaps up in protest when Michael proposes to Nora. Dan kicks Nora out to wander the roads, and she leaves with the tramp, who promises her a life of freedom.

March 2008 – Big Maggie by J B Keane

Director  Tom Towey


Big Maggie Geraldine Lundy

Gert (Daughter) Fiona Brennan

Katie (Daughter) Margaret Mc Intyre

Maurice (Son) Ray Walsh

Mick (Son) Billy Henry

Byrne Peadar Conway

Teddy Heelin Michael Coleman

Old Woman Mary Kathleen Johnston

Old Man Sean Walsh

Mary Madden Aoife Mc Tiernan

Mrs Madden Mary Kathleen Johnston


Stage Manager/Set Design: Sean Johnston

Lighting: Benny Henry, Gerry Gallagher

Sound: Ciaran McIntyre Adrian McIntyre

Continuity: Sinead Davitt

Props Manager: Eileen Kirrane

Props: Evelyn Towey Caroline O Dowd

Set Building: Sean Calvey Tom Maxwell

Stage crew: Michael Calvey Kieran McIntyre Denis Gilligan Attracta McIntyre

Make-up: Veronica Corscadden Ann McIntyre

Catering Staff: Breege Burke Philomena Marren

Stewards: Páud O Donnell, Joe Burke

Interval Music  Harry Mc Gowan – Francis Brennan

M.C’s: Rita Normanly Joe Corscadden Martin McIntyre

Brief Synopsis of the Play

On the death of her husband Big Maggie Polpin is determined to create a better life for herself and her children. But her vision of the future is not one which sits comfortably with her offspring.

March 2007 – MOLL by J B Keane

Director  Tom Towey


Moll Mary Kathleen Johnston

Canon Pratt John McIntyre

Fr Brest Denis Ross

Fr Loran Raymond Walsh

Bridgie Andover Geraldine Lundy

Ulick Tom Towey

The Bishop Sean Walsh


Stage Manager: Sean Johnston

Lighting: Benny Henry, Gerry Gallagher Sound: Ciaran McIntyre Neil Walsh Adrian McIntyre

Continuity: Sinead Davitt

Set: Michael Rowley Pakie McIntyre Stephen Towey Michael Armstrong Shane Johnston Doug Doodes

Set Design: Sean Johnston

Props: Eileen Kirrane Evelyn Towey Caroline O Dowd

Stage crew: Michael Calvey Sean Calvey

Kieran McIntyre Tom Maxwell Denis Gilligan

Make-up: Veronica Corscadden, Ann McIntyre

Catering Staff: Breege Burke Philomena Marren

Stewards: Páud O Donnell, Joe Burke

M.C’s: Pat Mc Carrick Joe Corscadden Peadar Conway

Brief Synopsis of the Play

“When a Presbytery gets a new house-keeper, its like a country that gets a change of government, like a regiment that gets a new sergeant major, or like a family that gets a new step-mother.

A new house-keeper is like a new moon and a new moon can bring anything from a tidal wave to an earthquake”!

Variety Night – Cloonacool Players & Friends – March 2006

In the Shadow of the Glen J. M. Synge

 Nora ……………….. Anne Mc Intyre

Dan ………………… Sean Walsh

Tramp ………………… John Murtagh

Michael Dara ………………… Jimmy Coleman

 Produced by Sean Walsh

 Synopsis: Set in rural Ireland in the 1920s. This is a comedy with a mixture of deceit and trickery

The Last Tango in Ballygilooley

Bernard …………………… Austin Mc Tiernan

Joyce …………………… Fiona Brennan

Margo …………………… Margaret Mc Intyre

Gardener …………………… John Mc Intyre

 Produced by Pat Mc Carrick

 Synopsis: Ballygilooly Drama Society are in crisis. Money difficulties. They need a ‘Smash Hit’ and this is it! Do they achieve it?

 The Stuttering Lover

James Power …..………………… Ray Walsh

Sadie Power ………..…………… Geraldine Lundy

Rita Power ……………….……. Mary Kathleen Johnston

Albert ……………………… Dennis Ross

 Produced by Tom Towey

Synopsis: This being a ‘Leap Year’, – Has Rita the gut’s to propose?

Or has she to wait for another four years to ask Albert to marry her?

“Father Serious”

Presented by the Cloonacool/Tubbercurry Pioneer Group

 Christopher Cunney

Jason Brennan

Hughie Marren

Kevin Gallagher

Laura Mc Intyre

David Mc Intyre

Ava Lang

 Produced by John White

 “The Lumper Mc Cardle”

Presented by the Cloonacool/Tubbercurry Pioneer Group

 Anita O Hara

Cian Mannion

Deirdre Gallagher

Ross Mc Carrick

Christopher Cunney

Hughie Marren

Kevin Gallagher

 Produced by John White

Recitations  Joe Corscadden

March 2004 – The Country Boy by John Murphy

Director  Tom Towey


Curly  Denis Ross

Tom Maher  John McIntyre

Mary Kate Maher  Geraldine Lundy

Eileen Tierney  Laura Mullarkey

Eddie  Austin McTiernan

Julia  Mary Kathleen Johnston


Stage Manager: Sean Johnston

Lighting: Benny Henry, Gerard Gallagher

Sound: Gerard Gallagher, Pakie McIntyre

Continuity: Sinead Davitt, Raymond Walsh

Set: Michael Armstrong, Brian Towey James Armstrong, Stephen Towey James Lawrence

Set Design Joe Corscadden, Sean Johnston

Stage Crew: Michael Calvey, Raymond Walsh Fiona Towey, Mary Marren, Sinead Towey

Props: Eileen Kirrane

Make-up: Veronica Corscadden, Ann McIntyre Mary Doohan

Catering Staff: Breege Burke, Evelyn Towey Philomena Marren

Stewards: Páud O Donnell, Joe Burke

M.C’s: Margaret McIntyre, Martin McIntyre Rita Normanly, Pat McCarrick

Brief Synopsis of the Play

Hills are green far away!  As Curly Maher considers leaving Ireland, and the lovely Eileen Tierney, to go to America to make his fortune, his brother Eddie and his American born wife Julia come home for a holiday.  Tom and Mary Kate strive to get the house ready for the visitors.

As the holiday unfolds it emerges that all is not what it seems, and Curly is given the true picture about leaving “the place” and the lovely Eileen, from Eddie as he recalls: – leaving Ireland and the love of his life Katie O Hara some fifteen years before

March 2003 – The Year of the Hiker by John B Keane

Director  Tom Towey

Hiker Lacey:  John McIntyre
Kate Lacey:  Geraldine Lundy
Freda:  Mary Kathleen Johnston
Simey Lacey:  Denis Ross
Joe Lacey:  Austin McTiernan
Mary Lacey:  Laura Muldoon
Dr Willie Dolly:  Ray Walsh
Stage Manager:  Sean Johnston
Lighting:  Benny Henry
Set design:  Michael Armstrong, Brian Towey, James Armstrong, Stephen Towey.
Stage crew:  Joe Corscadden,  Michael Calvey,  Warren glasscott,  Patrick McIntyre.
Sound:  Sean Johnston.
Make-up:  Veronica Corscadden, Anne McIntyre.
Continuity:  Gerard Gallagher,  Sinead Davitt.
Props:  Eileen Kirrane.
Props Assistants:  Fiona Towey, Mary Marren,  Sinead Towey.
Note from Tom Towey:  The Year of the Hiker was produced by the Cloonacool Players in 2003 and the group decided to enter the festival circuit after a sixty year lapse.  We applied to the Western Drama Festival, Claremorris Drama Festival and were invited to take part in the Glenamaddy Drama Festival by the late Maeve Walsh – an invitation we unfortunately could not take up on St.Patricks day.
We were accepted by Tubbercurry and Claremorris.
 Western Drama festival -Scholarship to drama school — Tom Towey — play not placed.
Claremorris Drama festival –won confined section –Best Actor– John McIntyre –Best Director –Tom Towey.